Wikipedia Info: Since the 1980s an increasing number of Melas have regularly been held in larger towns outside south Asia, especially in the UK and North America. The larger melas tend to be those with larger ethnic minority populations, but many melas are held in communities with small South Asian diasporas. Community ownership of these melas is important to the south Asian communities who see them as opportunities to share their cultural heritage with the mainstream. They are opportunities for bridge building and community building and can perform a strong socially cohesive function.

More successful outside-of-Asia melas tend to have a strongly diversified funding base with private/public/third sector collaboration. Public money is often spent on the melas. This reflects the mela organisers and public authorities joint conviction that, as in the sub-continent, melas are for everyone.

Sound suppliers to East London Mela in Barking, 2009, 2010 and 2011, Slough Mela 24th July 2011

East London Mela in Barking on 3rd July 2011, Stage by Jigsaw events for Ray C PR

9 Pacrim Line array PA speaker system flown off 7m tall truss towers


11 piece band on stage, Sound and lighting by Turnaround360, staging by Jigsaw Productions, for Ray C promotions


9x Pacrim Line array concert sound festival speakers fanned out in classic J curve pattern

9x Pacrim Line array speakers a side (6 longthrow, 3 short infill) flown on 7m tall towers

Turbosound TSW718 Dual 18" hornloaded 1600w bass bin (we have 8 instock, 4 a side)

Flare Audio Space X5 line array speaker on our towers, Hatfield June 2013